How to make a Starburst Wrapper Wallet.

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I am Natalie and my passion is decorating and all types of crafts. My true specialty is creating and designing custom center pieces, brooms, wreaths, baskets and special surprise packages for all events and occasions. I created this little blog for us to share ideas and get inspiration about the wonderful world of home decor and hand made crafts. I am so excited about the future friends and fellow enthusiast out their with the same passion for crafts as I. I will be searching the web daily looking for all types of ideas and inspirations and posting them to this blog just for you…here we go!
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25 Responses to How to make a Starburst Wrapper Wallet.

  1. gymnastics42500 says:

    omg i was watching wizareds of waverly place too :D

  2. TheGFraz5 says:

    this worked for me … thank you … btw u r a very cute girl

  3. oniondumbz says:


  4. NasdStick says:

    NICE HAHA! i would of never thought of that i am ganna watch ur rose video know!

  5. navenzor says:

    @skah1326 haha im serious theres no way i would have ever thought of making a wallet out of starburst wrappers

  6. skah1326 says:

    @navenzor your thinly veiled sarcasm on the first comment is great :)

  7. navenzor says:

    she’s really smart… and hot lol

  8. EternalMiniMoon1 says:

    can u make a tut on this but bi fold version??

  9. SoCraftastic says:

    @ducktapelovers Thank you!! =] I’ll try to do some other candy wrapper craft in the near future.

  10. ducktapelovers says:

    My brother told me to put on here that Ur hot and he wants Ur number lol!!!!!!! sorry if Ur creeped out now but I thought that it was so funny I had to put it on here;););););)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ducktapelovers says:

    I luv this vid can u make a wallet with more pockets and an ID holder??????xD lol
    Thanks for the vids I’ve seen lots of em keep making the tuts with wrappers I have lots of wrappers and luv Ur vids thanks to u and Ur vids once again -3

  12. AgelessGlory10 says:

    @SoCraftastic can u make like a laptop case out of starburst wapper

  13. terianne100 says:

    Can we use the Ghiradelli Chocolate Wrappers? Or can u only do this if u have Starburst Wrappers? Please respond, because i really want to try this out. ;D

  14. Chrisrocksbigtime123 says:

    ur awsome. I like ur i ideas!!!

  15. cody137415 says:

    i just clicked on it because i saw the girl

  16. winxstella1234 says:

    Put coin pouch inside also you can put other colors on top

  17. breyerbaby123 says:

    hahahaha I was watching Wizards of Waverly Place haha

  18. thebest7449 says:

    your wallet’s are really good and you should keep on makin them

  19. shorty2550 says:

    U talk to much god!

  20. MiZzRiVeRa86 says:

    no idea how to make a duct tape wallet at all..but im soo gonna try I have a whole bunch of starburst wrappers..figuring out what to do with that….this would be perfect Iike the way your’s came out..would it be okay to try???

  21. 3mrhythm says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I made one today.. I call it the skin wallet lol

    it was skin colored and i sewed in black threads that stick out of the side and taped them in on the inside.. makes it look like a hairy leg. lol its pretty gross looking but unique lol

  22. MAWWesome says:

    I did this but I made it a bifold wallet instead.

  23. hosnyisgay says:

    nice braces!

  24. horselover2429 says:

    I like wendys!!!

  25. xoxoshorteexoxo says:

    can you do a video on how you get your hair to be so long and what you use on it such as shampoo conditioner and other stuff :)

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