Holyoke, MA: Schindler DEATH TRAP Hydraulic Secondary Mall Elevator @ Holyoke Mall at Ingleside

This is Schindler DEATH TRAP Secondary Mall Elevator, at the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside, Holyoke, Massachusetts. After Pyramid realized the gigantic traffic jams that occurr at the tiny Westinghouse in the mall’s center, they added this gem, and by gem, I mean piece of crap. This obviously is a roped hydraulic, as it jolts part way up, and violently halfway. The 2 pistons are either out of synch, or something is getting stuck, and the other piston pulls the whole thing up. The huge jolt was captured on “Shock Cam” in 2 different angles. Odd thing is, it’s perfectly fine on the way down. The counter double-dings on said downward trips, making this lift another fine Schindler install. This is definately a “Piece of Schindler”. (Credit goes to whomever came up with that term.)
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25 Responses to Holyoke, MA: Schindler DEATH TRAP Hydraulic Secondary Mall Elevator @ Holyoke Mall at Ingleside

  1. georgef551 says:

    It’s probably been tampered with, that’s probably all.

  2. Labratoria says:

    @georgef551 Oh, who is the one who kicks the innocent elevators. :( Heart breaks.

  3. TheElevatorPlanet says:

    Schindler sucks….

  4. georgef551 says:

    Wouldn’t suprise me, being Schindler is of such high caliber….

  5. Labratoria says:

    0:45 Someone kicked the hatch? Hatch is warped.

  6. georgef551 says:

    Thank you. :)

  7. suzzex says:

    @georgef551 Congrats on the partnership by the way! I just noticed it!

  8. georgef551 says:

    Odd that exactly at 1/4, and 1/2 the distance, it jolted, which is like it’s a telescoping holeless. That’s just plain weird.

  9. suzzex says:

    This is NOT a roped hydraulic. Schindler didn’t manufacture roped hydraulic elevators with MT controls like this. Also, if this even is a telescoping hydraulic elevator, it does have cables to keep it in sync. You are just experiencing a mall elevator. Come out to New York. You can’t possibly title an elevator a death trap, since all of them behave the same… :D

  10. georgef551 says:

    No problem.

  11. HardDriveGuru says:

    @georgef551 Ah, that’s logical. I’ll have to look at some other square button series. Thanks!

  12. georgef551 says:

    Not at all. I believe everyone was trying to copy the success of Otis’s Series-1 Fixtures, because in the early 80′s, to late 90′s, everyone had a “square” button of their own.

  13. HardDriveGuru says:

    These buttons look identical to the Dover Impulse buttons. And the chime sounds the same. Is the Schindler MT series related to the Dover Impulse?

  14. georgef551 says:

    At first, but when you do it a few times, it’s not that hard. If your editor is capable of showing the waveforms in the audio track, it makes it a LOT easier. By image, it’s a frame-by-frame look, and shifting the second video around.

  15. owenhinton says:

    @georgef551 but isnt it hard to get the two times perfectly together?

  16. georgef551 says:

    Just as you see it here. You just need an editor with multiple layer capability, and sync the 2 videos up.

  17. owenhinton says:

    woah how do you do double cameras???

  18. georgef551 says:

    It’s hard to keep them rinning, when most components are made of cheap plastic, and cardboard. :)

  19. cartoonyboy says:

    @georgef551: How fast a Schindler can fall apart, I can totally agree with, but then again, aren’t people properly “maintaining” these things.”

    Also, the MT buttons sticking in, I have experienced many other times. But then again, who makes those wonderful fixtures? :D

  20. georgef551 says:

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the Shock Cam and inset editing.
    Yeah, Down doesn’t tell the story, but it might’ve been okay when you rode it. We know how fast a Schindler falls apart.

  21. cartoonyboy says:

    Initially when I rode this thing nearly 3 years ago, I thought the vandalized cab was the main treat here. Apparently, a single down trip didn’t reveal how bad this thing actually was. Nice editing on the shock cam, by the way.

  22. georgef551 says:

    The QR codes, if the display rez is high enough, allows people that have phones with QR readers, to put my channel in their browser. A majority of videos that get edited, get the intro/outro, with the World of Crap Logo, and the QR code.

  23. georgef551 says:

    Two separate cameras (you can see Shock Cam during the run, on the inset).

  24. jaymietreadwell says:

    Definitely a Piece of Schindler, kinda like the 4th elevator in the recent video at Liverpool Station, will be in Video Response

  25. dieselducy says:

    what is the barcode at beginning

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