Homemade Centerpiece Ideas : Homemade Centerpieces & Princess Themes

A princess theme on a homemade centerpiece can incorporate many decorations, toys and colors from the party. Craft a handmade centerpiece with a princess theme in this free video on centerpiece ideas. Expert: Stephanie Smith Contact: www.PartylandUtah.com Bio: Stephanie Smith works for Partyland and has been in the party business for many years, throwing parties for herself, friends, holidays and customers. Smith can be reached on the Partyland wesbite. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

About Natalie

I am Natalie and my passion is decorating and all types of crafts. My true specialty is creating and designing custom center pieces, brooms, wreaths, baskets and special surprise packages for all events and occasions. I created this little blog for us to share ideas and get inspiration about the wonderful world of home decor and hand made crafts. I am so excited about the future friends and fellow enthusiast out their with the same passion for crafts as I. I will be searching the web daily looking for all types of ideas and inspirations and posting them to this blog just for you…here we go!
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